Screeding quite simply refers to applying a layer of cement paste on the concrete surface prior to laying down your new floor. It essentially acts as a levelling surface and helps extend the life of your floor. Sounds easy enough, but it’s imperative to get it right if you want to ensure a high quality and durable finish. And that’s of course where we come in.


  • Sand Cement Floor Screed
  • High Strength Engineered Floor Screed
  • Fast Drying Floor Screed with Polymer additives
  • Lightweight Floor Screed and Low Density Floor Screed
  • Fast Drying Engineered screed for underfloor heating
  • Fibre reinforced Floor Screed

Collaboration with ScreedPro Trucks


If you are looking to improve productivity… why not consider pumping your next project. The professionals at Allseal can offer services from ScreedPro trucks which will come to your site and we install.

Our team will pump from the trucks and save you time and money and deliver stronger, guaranteed floor screed, automatically pumped up to 180m or 30 stories high.


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