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Aldi Dee Why

Commercial project that required expert floor preparation in tight time frame




Square Meters

Completed in



Preparing a surface is always the key to sucess when it comes to floor levelling and this site was no different. Allseal meticulously grind all concrete floors prior to installation to ensure that we remove any loose particles or flaking concrete.

Grinding the substrate opens the pours of the concrete to insure that maximum adhesion is achieved. Allseal use the latest diamond grinders to remove residues such as coatings, adhesives and epoxies, and smooth out imperfections.

Allseal then applies an acrylic primer and highly engineered self-levelling cement as an underlayment of levelling compound is recommended for all interior commercial and domestic flooring.

In the case of Aldi Dee Why – Allseal installed a high – flow, self levelling cement compound featuring a specialised formula designed to level large uneven concrete substrate as a part of their floor preparation.

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