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high performance floor screed

Since 2019, Allseal has proudly worked in close collaboration with Australia’s most technologically advanced floor preparation supplier, ScreedPro Australia, who through their nationwide fleet of automated screed and self-level pump trucks, have brought new levels of safety, performance, quality and efficiency to the industry.

through close collaboration with ScreedPro and Sika Australia, Allseal has played a key role in the first-to-market deployment of advanced self-levelling products developed for the tier 1 floor preparation sector, delivering higher quality self leveller at a lower cost and with the complete elimination of dust and manual mixing. 



Screed Max Level Ultra System

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Suitable for all indoor and outdoor, commercial or domestic floor coverings with self-healing characteristics and the complete elimination of silica dust exposure, Allseal is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting development.

The trucks are fitted with a computer controlled mixing and pumping station that is constantly checking ratios to ensure the perfect pour every time. “As you can imagine, prior to this, everyone was mixing by hand in a bucket – and getting up to those sorts of heights on large scale jobs presented huge manual handling issues, not to mention, consistency and ratio was difficult to replicate”.

The fact that Sika Australia and ScreedPro chose to partner with Allseal for this market transforming product release, reflects the deep expertise and experience that Allseal brings to the table, making them the installation partner of choice for these market leading companies.

The impact that Allseal’s collaboration with technology leaders such as ScreedPro, is clearly evidenced by their dramatic growth in tier 1 projects as builders look to the future of the  industry and realise the significant benefits that Allseal can offer, where floor preparation is faster, of a better quality, dust-free, labour-free and at a lower installed cost.

An innovative solution 


ScreedPro Capabilities 2020
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