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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

A broad range of service to meet all of your specialist flooring requirements, from preparation to installation


Floor Levelling

Allseal can level and smooth any concrete surface from any thickness to a feather finish. Floor preparation and the levelling of sub-floors prior to the installation of carpet, timber and resilient finishes is one of Allseal’s many specialties. Allseal has the industries most highly skilled tradesman with expert knowledge and the latest equipment for all your floor preparation and leveling needs.

• Rain damaged slabs

• Camber issues

• Rough & Pitted concrete

• Ramping of skirting boards and threshholds

• Floor Preparation for Carpet or Vinyl

• Pre timber installation levelling

• General patching

• Falls to waste

Floor Leveling.jpg
Floor leveling
concrete polish.jpg


Concrete Polishing

The Hiperfloor/Superfloor polishing system is the true definition of Polished Concrete. In the past most Polished Concrete floors were based on the standard grinding and sealing process, which included grinding to the desired level and then applying resin based sealers to provide an enhanced, wet polished appearance. The problem with resin based sealers is that they eventually scratch and wear out which requires continual maintenance and recoating.

An additional benefit of the Hiperfloor/Superfloor system is that it is a natural sustainable flooring process, providing an environmentally friendly surface without the use of toxic chemicals and materials.

concrete polishing


Diamond Grinding

Allseal has a large fleet of heavy duty diamond grinding equipment. Using the latest dust extraction equipment to ensure not only dust free but cost effective, professional solutions to Industrial and commercial floor prep.

• Rain affected slabs

• Levelling uneven concrete

• Removal of adhesives

• Smoothing surface for vinyl carpet

• Smooth surface for coatings

• Preparation for coatings

• Line marking removal

Diamond Grinding


Epoxy Flooring

With over 30 years experience in applying epoxy coatings, we have just about done it all. From small, roll-on, epoxy floors to private garages to the latest technology polyurethane cement polymers in large food processing plants, commercial kitchens, bars, hotels, motels, clubs and pubs.

We can install epoxy mortar to create falls to floor wastes and cove to walls. We have the experience and expertise to solve any of your epoxy flooring needs.

Epoxy Flooring



Screeding quite simply refers to applying a layer of cement paste on the concrete surface prior to laying down your new floor. It essentially acts as a levelling surface and helps extend the life of your floor. Sounds easy enough, but it’s imperative to get it right if you want to ensure a high quality and durable finish. And that’s of course where we come in.

  • Sand Cement Floor Screed

  • High Strength Engineered Floor Screed

  • Fast Drying Floor Screed

  • Lightweight Floor Screed and Low Density Floor Screed

  • Fast Drying screed for underfloor heating

  • Fibre reinforced Floor Screed




Our nationwide fleet of screed pump trucks manufacture and pump high performance floor screed and self level for tilers, flooring contractors and builders on construction projects large and small. 

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