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NSW State Library

A tight deadline and a heritage property made this a rewarding project for the team




Square Meters

Completed in



A tight deadline and the heritage nature of this project made for a challenging implementation environment. Allseal’s team overcame these challenges by working closely with Heritage Architects, key stake holders and associated building trades with a focus on clear communication that ultimately contributed to a fantastic result. Not only was it a project that was delivered on time, but one that Allseal is very proud to be associated with because of the rich, historical and architectural significance this building showcases.

Merging governing heights introduced by new architectural elements such as elevator thresholds, falls to drains in bathrooms and stairs with the existing heritage doorway thresholds and marble banding (containing priceless fossil records) over short distances from diamond Grinding and Polishing machinery, made for a considered approach.

Working, sometimes around the clock, with other trades in a heritage site meant extra care to air quality to protect not only workers, but the historical books and treasured art works in the space. Allseal’s focus and dedication along with it’s uniquely skilled team ensured a successful delivery of the flooring system

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